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What is the Big Bootneck Breakfast?

The Big Bootneck Breakfast 2018 is the first of what is hoped will be a regular series of Royal Marines Breakfasts. The purpose is to:

  1. To engender the same camaraderie we enjoyed whilst serving in the Corps.
  2. To enjoy a social Big Bootneck Breakfast and celebrate the Corps Birthday (or other Corps Memorable Date).
  3. To look in your oppos' eyes and check he's OK and not hiding being down on his chinstraps whilst being too proud so seek help, so that those needing it can get it from the RMA or other Agency as required.
  4. To spin dits, have a good whinge and in general have a F.....g good larf!
  5. Above all want to come back

Who Organises the Big Bootneck Breakfast?

There are two parts to this answer:

  1. The Membership Events Team of the merged RMA - The Royal Marines Charity are supporting the concept and promoting the event.  They provide a template/checklist of how to organise an individual breakfast and register the breakfasts that we hope will take place all over the country.
  2. You do! Well you do if you volunteer to be an organiser!.. It is hoped that all RMSN Support Officers will becopme an organiser, all RMA Branches organise one or more, all RM Units (even if deployed), all RMR and RMVCC units organise one or more breakfasts based ont eh template provided by the RMA - The Royal Marines Charity.

Is it a Fundraiser?

No.  There is no requirement to raise funds at Big Bootneck Breakfast. The organiser is far better placed and knowledgeable about local needs, wishes and attendees, so to a very large extent what they do is entirely up to them.  So organisers are welcome to merely hold a social breakfast, hold a raffle or just leave a discrete collection box in a corner for those who want to give.  Not only that, but funds can be retained locally in an "official organisation" or sent centrally, provided it is made clear before any donations are made.

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